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Uzbekistan’s growing private sector is a key factor in sustainable economic development, and is a source of wealth and competitiveness in the country. UNDP’s ‘Business Forum of Uzbekistan’ project, currently in its second phase, is working with the national Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) to facilitate the expansion of national business and international investment.



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Uzbekistan’s expanding private sector has played a key role in the nation’s sustainable economic development, and has served as a source of wealth and competitiveness in the country. It is therefore the goal of the second phase of UNDP’s ‘Business Forum of Uzbekistan’ project to continue this positive trend (the project’s first stage ran from 2008 to 2010). Uzbekistan’s private sector has played an essential role in supporting Uzbekistan’s transition to a market economy. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is Uzbekistan’s largest business support institution, with offices in every national district. It is mandated by national law to promote the rights and interests of the private sector, and to facilitate the creation of a favourable business environment, and it therefore receives particular support from the ‘Business Forum of Uzbekistan’ project.

Current status

- Launched 4 Business Facilitation Centers in the Andijan, Ferghana and Syrdarya regions, and the Republic of Karakalpakstan;
- Developed and launched the portal on government procedures for businesses;
- Developed and submitted a draft resolution on business e-registration to the Government;
- Established a department under the CCI for the analysis and monitoring of legislation;
- Developed and submitted over 50 recommended legislation amendments to the Government;
- Advocated for inclusive business growth and implemented 5 inclusive business projects.

Enhance the capacity of the CCI central office in legislation analysis and monitoring:

- Support the establishment and development of a unit for monitoring the implementation of key policies and laws that support business at national and sub-national levels;

- Assist the CCI in developing a methodology for analysing and monitoring certain regulatory acts and their impact on private sector development;

- Ensure the participation of private sector representatives in analysing and monitoring regulatory changes in the entrepreneurship sphere by conducting public discussion events;

- Assist state agencies in introducing national legislation regarding entrepreneurship, to meet international standards of doing business.

Strengthen the capacity of the CCI in supporting Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects:

- Assist in conducting sector-specific PPP readiness assessments, and in reviewing the regulatory framework used to implement PPP projects in selected regions and sectors;

- Maintain a multi-stakeholder dialogue platform, create an enabling environment and improve the legislative basis needed to implement PPP projects in Uzbekistan;

- Organise education programs for government and private sector representatives, raise awareness of PPP principles, and improve project design and methodology assessment/implementation skills;

- Provide technical and expert assistance to government authorities and private sector representatives in developing pilot PPP projects.

Strengthen the capacity of the CCI in providing information and advisory services for regional entrepreneurs, by establishing Business Facilitation Centers (BFCs):

- Assist the CCI in launching 14 BFCs, and design a database of relevant legal information;

- Raise the staff competencies of select BFC personnel, through the development of operations guidelines and manuals, while conducting field-specific trainings, workshops and study tours;

- Expand the business advisory services available at BFCs, considering urban/rural differences, business development levels, regional specialisations, social conditions and other factors;

- Strengthen BFC legal support services to help entrepreneurs negotiate contracts, draft legal documents, resolve disputes and better understand legal concepts.

Promote inclusive market development by identifying and effectively supporting pro-poor business opportunities at a sub-regional level:

- Raise stakeholder awareness of the Growing Inclusive Markets concept through regional presentations, CCI staff training, and information provided from the CCI and other sources;

- Support specific pro-poor investment projects, interact with leading companies to ensure successful project implementation, and update project proposal and pipeline project database;

- Select business projects to obtain business plans need to finance or attract potential investors, and to ensure their implementation and sustainable operation;

- Build the capacity of the CCI and BFCs in promoting the development of Uzbekistan’s inclusive markets, and offer inclusive business model development services to its members.

The project will work with the CCI in strengthening its central office, promoting public-private partnerships, and strengthening the chamber’s ability to provide information and advisory services. It will also build the capacity of the chambers to promote inclusive market development, and to identify and support pro-poor business opportunities at a sub-regional level.


  • Support the capacity building of the CCI central office in legislative analysis and monitoring;
  • Strengthen the CCI’s capacity in creating an environment for Public-Private Partnership projects;
  • Provide information and advice for regional entrepreneurs through Business Facilitation Centers;
  • Promote market development by supporting pro-poor business opportunities at a sub-regional level.

The Business Forum of Uzbekistan project works closely with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan, the nation’s major business support institution, in order to ensure the sustainability of the project initiatives. The Chamber currently has more than 23,000 members representing large, medium and small size enterprises and companies in various sectors of the national economy, and its branches are spread throughout all regions of Uzbekistan.

All project activities have been developed and implemented in collaboration with the CCI. Thus the Chamber is highly interested in promoting sustainability of all the launched initiatives after the Project’s completion. Inclusive projects establishing collaboration between private entrepreneurs, farmers and craftsmen will continue after the project’s conclusion.

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