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Innovative approach in development and promotion of crossborder tourism



Development of ICT for Outdoor Destinations/DIOD project will stimulate local economy in the cross-border area through bringing together private and public sector in the field of tourism and leveraging new technologies to design user-centric tourism services.



Europe, Montenegro
Herceg Novi, Tivat, Kotor, Budva, Bar, Ulcinj
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Due to unfavorable economic conditions in border region of Croatia and Montenegro, there have been insufficient investments in tourism that reduce chances for promotion of exceptional natural and cultural values in the area. Underdeveloped skills for human resources as necessary precondition for development of sustainable tourism offers in the region are one of main challenges. Region lacks consistent marketing approach and brand identity. Namely, online distribution and data acquisition channels are at low level, and with increasing trend for online travel bookings and usage of mobile applications among inbound tourists, this puts the region at disadvantage to its competitors.

The project will improve technical capacities for development of outdoor tourism and promote cross border actions to create enabling environment for design of joint products, improving safety standards for outdoor tourism. Project area is coastal region of Montenegro and Dubrovnik-Neretva County in Croatia.

Current status

The project was initiated on 11th February 2013. Within first month of implementation, initial coordination meeting of the project's partners was held, where dynamic action plan was agreed, with defined time frames and responsibilities.

The activities which will be conducted in 1st quarter of the project:
- Preparation of policy recommendations as regards to trail management security and signage in Croatia – initial desktop research and communication with Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro for know-how transfer.
- Equipping GSS Services in both countries with rescue equipment – tendering and offers evaluation.
- Development of ICT tools and capacities – tendering and offers evaluation. - Tourism associated businesses mapping – completion of the activity.
- Workshop on institutional cooperation support models and 2.3 - Series of seminars on business clusters, inter- cluster cooperation and joint tourism products creation – advertising and selection of the consultants for conducting of the seminars and mentoring process, as main follow up.
- Trainings of trainers for sea kayak - tendering and offers evaluation.
- EU visibility actions:
1. Approval on the DIOD project logo
2. AKVO report
The report has been produced with the assistance of the EU, within the EU-funded project “Development of ICT for Outdoor Destinations”. This report does not constitute a formal communication and does not necessarily represent the official position of the European Union.

DIOD project will improve technical capacities for the development of outdoor tourism and
promote cross border actions that will further create an enabling environment for the design of joint products in the area, improving at the same time safety standards for outdoor tourism. Further, the project will support joint tourism marketing initiatives, including the
preparation of promotional materials on the cross border area and joint participation at tourism fairs. Finally, it will stimulate using innovative tools through setting up of geoportal and two mobile applications.


  • To develop and solidify inter cluster cooperation, human resource needs and joint promotion
  • To Improve of technical capacities for development of outdoor tourism

There are a variety of risks that can be considered, including the possibility of depopulation resulting from unfavourable demographic trends and the aging of the local populations. Additionally, there are risks associated with the abilities of those taking part in the individual training activities to absorb the information provided and the possibility that private sector actors in outdoor tourism will not recognize the given training as having value for their businesses. Further risk involves whether or not stakeholder cooperation during implementation will go as anticipated and without substantial conflict and needed equipment will be available without substantial delay.
Contingencies for these risks are as follows: to address the depopulation and aging issue, this activity set will seek to implement and inclusive methodology that will target women in an effort to play to the demographics of the area in a way that is less likely to be affected by this trend; To address any potential problems with uptake of knowledge provided by those who receive training and operators accept their validity, the trainings will be designed to standardized training methodologies in line with European standards ensuring operators can feel there is value and will allow the trainees to gain an experiential aspect that should aid in material comprehension while the established instructors will provide the ability to organize further training beyond the activities implementation; To avoid any possible conflicts within associated clusters, joint meetings will be held that will follow an inclusive methodology during the action, and additionally, the designed benefits of the geoportal and mobile application will bring better value to cooperative approaches.

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Sea kayak instructors' level training held

Ulcinj, Montenegro, 31st May-2nd June


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