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Kouadio Félix Dégbé was born on January 1, 1980 and has been a cocoa farmer in Côte D'Ivoire for 11 years. Kouadio was born in Vavoua and raised in Adamakro-Touih and currently lives in Adamakro. He has 12 hectares of land and needs your help to make his cocoa farm grow and become more productive.

Kouadio Félix Dégbé's favorite football player is Raul Gonzalez.



Africa, Côte D'ivoire
7.539989, -5.54708

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By enabling farmers to create sustainable businesses, Mars believes it can ensure the future of cocoa while increasing incomes and securing livelihoods for tomorrow’s cocoa farmers.

Mars has made a simple but bold pledge to use only certified, sustainable cocoa in all of our products by 2020. To achieve this goal, we have taken lessons learned from programs like those in West Africa and redoubled our investment in programs around the world that foster innovation in agricultural science; transfer key technologies to farmers and enable effective collaboration between them and manufacturers, governments and NGOs.

Farms need fertilizer to be profitable, but cocoa farmers in Côte d'Ivoire typically can't afford it, or it's not available near them. The Farmers First Project will make fertilizer available at farmer cooperatives and the program will test finance models to allow farmers to borrow money to continue buying fertilizer. With your support we can improve the living conditions of one cocoa farmer.

In 2012, Kouadio Félix Dégbé's production volume was 6800 kg (567 kg/ha).

The project will then work through 2012 to develop mechanisms to provide fertilizer to farmers on credit that they can repay after they sell next season’s harvest. If we can demonstrate a successful model that makes farmers more money and allows them to repay their loans, we can encourage international donors and local banks to scale up the approach to reach many more farmers.


  • Increase cocoa yield per hectare

This project contributes to a sustainable cocoa sector in Cote d'Ivoire by working to build an effective financing system that will allow farmers to invest in agricultural inputs, like fertilizer, that increase their production and profitability while protecting their farm's long-term soil fertility.

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Raised: $ 330

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Pully, Switzerland

ICRAF Côte d'Ivoire
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Utrecht, Netherlands

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