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Preserving Bolivian indigenous traditional culture on DVD



The project preserves the culture of the Baure, a nearly extinct indigenous population group of the Bolivian Amazon basin. A DVD called “World of the Baure” will be produced and included in the national secondary schools curriculum. It is part of the mandatory educational materials of the project “Education within Interculturality” and will be used by secondary school students throughout Bolivia.


Who will benefit?


  • 150 schools reached
  • 25000 students reached
  • 900 teachers trained


South America, Bolivia, Plurinational State of
Beni, Baures
-13.655698, -63.695721

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Detailed information

The Baure are an indigenous people of the Bolivian Amazon, inhabiting Baures village (Beni Department in the North of Bolivia) and the nearby small communities. Baures is located in the middle of savannah and tropical forest. Until the middle of the 20th century, its indigenous population numbered 4500. However, today their numbers have dwindled and there are only 50 people left who still speak the Baure language.

Current status

More than 50% of the project activities have been completed: the fieldwork has already been carried out, which included library research, field research, and elaboration of ethnographic texts.
Elaboration and adaptation of basic and complementary text into the DVD format about one indigenous group (the section "See more") has been included.
An index of images, audio and video files recorded during field research for one indigeous group exists.
At present, the project is waiting for additional funding in order to finalise the production of the interactive material.

- Interviews with Baure about their culture in their own language.
- Editing of short videos, selection of interviews, stories and photographs.
- Design and pre-production of the DVD.
- Elaboration of educational projects and activities for classwork using the content of the DVD.
- Validation of the content, presentation, and educational aspects with the target group.
- Production of the DVD.
- Integration of the content of the DVD in other existing platforms (e.g. Ministry of Education, APCOB, educational platform of the C4C projects).
- Use of the DVD as teaching material in classes throughout Bolivia.

The goal of the project is to produce an interactive DVD about the tangible and intangible culture of the Baure people and to teach this culture to Bolivian youth. The Baure people were selected for this DVD in order to preserve and recuperate certain aspects of their culture and language, which are in danger of disappearing forever. For the Baure themselves, this material will be an important source of information about their own culture.


  • Production of 1 new interactive DVD about the Baure people
  • 25.000 students know the Bolivian indigenous peoples
  • 900 teachers introduce the materials in their classes
  • 6 teacher training colleges introduce the materials
  • The DVD is included in the Bolivian school curriculum

The target groups of similar DVDs produced over the last 10 years have proven to be very receptive to these materials. Therefore, one may expect the message to be spread very effectively thanks to the following aspects of the materials: their high quality, the topic of interculturality, as well as the use of the new technologies. This combination has been very useful in arousing interest of teachers ans students of secondary schools in recent years, particularly after the Ministry of Education and Departamental Governments initiated massive subsidising campaigns for IT centres or Educational Telecentres.

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Needs funding


Raised: € 12,000
Still needed: € 8,000
Total budget: € 20,000

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