Safe Drinking Water & Empowering Women


Safe Drinking Water Supply & Female Empowerment in Gimbichu Woreda



The project will cap & protect 2 springs, construct 2 water distribution points, and train women in sanitation, primary health care, horticulture production & small scale business operations.


Who will benefit?


  • 200 trainees


  • 2 water systems
  • 5000 people affected
  • 30 years duration


Africa, Ethiopia
Lemlem Chefe
6.166667, 38.2

Project in depth

Focus area

Water and sanitation Categories: Education, Sanitation, Training, Water

Detailed information

The project is designed to promote gender equality and empower women. Improving access to safe drinking water will reduce the current burden on women of fetching water; engaging them in horticultural activity will empower them economically. The project will engage some 200 village women, and is also expected to improve the health of some 4800 dwellers in Lemlem Cheffe and Girmiabo Kebeles by giving access to potable water. Sustainability is enhanced through the provision of training and the participation of various actors.

Current status

In Gimbichu Woreda fetching water is a task left entirely to women, and it takes most of their time. The existing water source of Lemlem Cheffe & Girmiabo Kebeles is poor quality surface water, the source of many waterborne and water-related diseases. Children and women are most vulnerable, with women being additionally disadvantaged because they care for the sick. Needs assessments done by HORCO, with community representatives and the Woreda Administrative Offices, show the lack of potable clean water is a barrier for having healthy and productive citizens, and that women are most affected.

The project is designed to produce a community-sustainable resource. HORCO (a local non-governmental organisation), in coordination with relevant Wereda Offices, will train water technicians to maintain water points. Water users have agreed to contribute money towards maintenance of the water distribution points. Community leaders have agreed to organize meetings of beneficiaries every four months to discuss progress of the project.

The project will be implemented in partnership with a Development Committee composed of two rural village leaders, representatives of women and youth associations, and administrative offices. HORCO will provide technical back up to ensure meeting of required standards, while the district health office will overlook the health implications of the project. Soroptimist International Addis Ababa Club will provide training, technical advice, and resource mobilization, in addition to monitoring and evaluation.

The community is willing to contribute €1748, in cash and kind, towards the realisation of the project. HORCO will contribute €847 and Soroptimist International Addis Ababa Club €280.

The overall objective of the project is to empower women and promote gender equality by improving access to safe drinking water through provision of 2 spring captures and 2 water points. Women will receive training in sanitation & primary health care, horticulture production and small-scale business operation. The direct beneficiaries are 200 women and their families who are most affected by the lack of potable water in their vicinity; 4800 residents of Lemlem Chefe and Girmiabo Kebele will indirectly benefit.

The project will be implemented in partnership with a Development Committee composed of two rural village leaders, representatives of women and youth associations, and administrative offices.

The representation and participation of women in this Development Committee is crucial:
1. Women are working as equal partners in all the phases of the project, from problem identification to implementation of the preferred solution. This will guarantee the ownership and enhance the sustainability of the project.
2. Demonstrating the capacity of women to work as equal partners throughout the project will not only benefit the women, but also their families and community as a whole.

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Raised: € 11,740

Fully funded

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This project has started in December 2009 and has been running up untill now. The project is almost completed. We would like to thank all people that have donated to this project. We are grateful for their contribution. Kind regards, on behalf of Soroptimists Ethiopia Women for Water Partnership
Maaike de Vette, 2011-02-10 12:28

Restaurant Le Connaisseur Utrecht and Earth Water work together to donate to this project. In the coming period one bottle of Earth Water costs €2.45. The guest will donate €0.50 and Le Connaisseur also contributes €0.50 to the project in Ethiopia. So from each bottle of Earth Water sold in the restaurant 1 euro will be donated to this project!
Kathelyne van den Berg, 2010-01-08 13:22

Finally the ticket revenues have been paid out! Hopefully they will show up here in a few days.
Fredrik Broman, 2009-12-06 20:12

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