Beautiful Cetinje


Revitalization of historical core through EE retrofitting



This project serves as good example on managing of energy performance without diminishing the cultural value and social history in our built heritage. On the other side, this will be unique response of one local government to severe economic and social challenges, and innovative way of finding new and sustainable sources of growth, which could be scaled up on national level.



Europe, Montenegro
Old Royal Capital of Cetinje
42.388663, 18.92601

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Economic development Category: Economic development

Detailed information

During 2011 project financed development of 2 energy audits of historical heritage buildings (Music Academy building and building of old hospital "Danilo I") which showed great potential for savings in energy consumption. Results showed that retrofitting measures which will be paid off in a period of 4-5 years will bring energy savings above 50% and will lower CO2 emissions for 36 t/year of CO2 for Music Academy and even 90 t/year in a case of old hospital “Danilo I”.
Architectural project for retrofitting of Music Academy is developed and approved by relevant authorities in August 2011.
In September 2011 project started with reconstruction of King Nicolas' square, as a part of activities on re vitalization of open public spaces. Reconstruction is successfully finished in June 2012.

Current status

In June 2011 project started with reconstruction of Music Academy, which is planned to be finished in 60 working days. In cooperation with National Employment Agency, Project provided training and engagement of 10 unemployed persons which will be trained on site for the skills related to EE retrofitting (insulation, facade works, windows replacement etc.).

New reconstructions and audits, training of unemployed and inspiring green business ideas will be next steps in the Project implementation. It is planned to start with reconstruction of Old Hospital Danilo I in 2012. Also, the project team is searching for ESCO Company which will be interested to invest in reconstruction of the project buildings, while UNDP team will be in charge for developing such ESCO model and ESCO implementing mechanisms.
Depending on available funding, in the next year it is planned to start with reconstruction of ex Russian Embassy, administrative building of the Old Royal Capital Cetinje and Primary School “Njegos”.

Project goals are aimed on supporting the process of economic revitalization of this city through reconstruction of cultural and historical heritage along with the implementation of energy efficiency, providing of professional training and support to entrepreneurship and small businesses.


  • Buildings reconstruction that are part of cultural heritage implementing energy efficiency measures
  • Improving perspective for employment of socially disadvantaged groups
  • Strengthening capacities of local stakeholders in creating and implementing new green design ideas

Results of this project will serve as a good example for all other municipalities in Montenegro on managing of energy performance without diminishing the cultural value and social history in our built heritage. Its sustainability would be in the best way provided through its replication and scaling up to the national level, from "Beautiful Cetinje" to "Beautiful Montenegro".

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Needs funding


Raised: € 790,010
Still needed: € 2,809,991
Total budget: € 3,600,000

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