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The Alliance for Reproductive Health Rights (ARHR) supports this project in Ghana. ARHR advocates for improved maternal health in Ghana. It trains young women in reproductive rights and lobby. It engages government, Ministry of Health for training midwives, provision of emergency obstetric care and family planning services.


Who will benefit?


  • 488000 People receiving improved quality care
  • 4 Institutes with increased quality services
  • 1 Lobby trajectories on national level for health and social protection


Africa, Ghana
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Project in depth

Focus area

Healthcare Category: Healthcare

Detailed information

In 2000, Ghana committed to the Millenium development Goals (MDGs). For some of the goals, Ghana is on the right trach, like the one for education. For MDG 4 and 5, progress is worse. The child and maternal mortality rate is increasing, especially in rural areas. The maternal mortality rate in Ghana is 560 per 100,000 live births. The percentage of pregnant women delivering under supervision of skilled staff is only 45%.
Furthermore, there are problems with regard to clean drinking water, sanitation, malaria and a lack of qualified health staff, bad roads and poor transportation systems.

In the focus districts of this project, the health infrastructure is inadequate beacuse of growing population.

There are not enough trustworthy data on health indicators and civil society organizations are not enough involved in monitoring. people in the community are lacking knowledge on their rights for good health care.

Current status

In June 2007 Cordaid firstly started a financing project with ARHR.

1. The in- and output of health prgrammes is monitored at district level, in a participatory way. Data are presented in reports and are used for lobby on district and national level.
2. Responsibility and transparancy of government on MDGs 3, 4 and 5 is improved by budget tracking.
3. The ARHR, the NGO member organizations and the Health Platform will be capacitated in research and lobby skills with regard to national health processes.
4. Links are created between community and district level health facilities to improve the sense of the community for their right to health care.

Within the project, there is special attention for healh care personnel, contraception and reproductive health care for adolescents. Also attention is paid to district level health infrastructure - Community-Health Based Compounds/Centres.

Target group

Women aged 15-49, as well as childre under the age of five

To contribute to achieving the health related MDG (4, 5 and 6) in Ghana – leading to reductions in under five mortality rate by two-thirds, reductions in maternal mortality by three-quarters, halting the spread of HIV.


  • Community meeting between district authorities and people
  • Studies to generate evidence for advocacy
  • National level advocacy and policy dialogues

This project aims particulary at capacity building for civil society organizations and communities at district level, to monitor progress on MDGs 4, 5 and 6. In this way, people are more aware of their rights and can press governments to intensify health programmes.

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Raised: € 250,000

Fully funded

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Accra, Ghana

Den Haag, Netherlands

Cordaid Healthcare
Den Haag, Netherlands

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