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Treatment of the mother suffering from jiggers

23-Apr-2012, by Dorcus Musubaho, DOJ, via web

The mother is in the middle are cyring of pain from jigger infestation

The mother is in the middle are cyring of pain from jigger infestation Photo credit: Patricks

This mother has been suffering for long in the village without help by the time we came to realise even the husband had died of the same. Therefore, it is with help from this programme that we managed to purchase some medicines went at her house in some rural village with the in charge of one of the diocesan health facility to give a hand by physically removing the jiggers.

The pictures shows the Coordinator-Dorcus and Sr. Prisca Akinyi the incharge during the process of removing jiggers and the onlookers are the community members.



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