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AEC Collaborative Ophthalmic Training Program for Tay Ninh Province,Vietnam



In 2000 Asian Eye Care started at Kien Giang Province with eye care, ophthalmic training and technical support on invitation of the Choray Hospital/Ministry of Health, Ho Chi Minh City. In 2008 AEC extended its collaborative program to Tay Ninh Province. In addition to the eye care/eye operations and training at various district hospitals in Tay Ninh province, AEC organized since 2010 postgraduate seminars for provincial ophthalmologists from the Mekong delta at the Choray Hospital, HCM City.


Who will benefit?

Eye care

  • 200 cataract operations
  • 28000 euros in medical equipment
  • 25 postgraduate seminar trainees


Asia, Viet Nam
Tay Ninh
11.253837, 106.12793

Project in depth

Focus area

Healthcare Category: Eye care

Detailed information

Blindness still represents a problem of public health significance in Vietnam. Although the overall (urban) situation improved over the past decade in terms of human resource capacity and ophthalmic facilities, the eye care coverage is still poor at district and community level of various provinces.

Prevention and treatment of blindness is regarded as an area of high priority by the Ministry of Health, also because 80% of the blind can be cured and economically rehabilitated. Within this scope collaboration with AEC is regarded as relevant for further eye care development and AEC is invited to continue its support during the coming years.

Current status

Per 1 May 2011 at Tay Ninh Province:
- 858 cataract operations completed at Tay Ninh, Tan Chau, Go Dau;
- 44 trainees/ophthalmologists were certified after completion of the AEC postgraduate seminar at Choray Hospital, Ministry of Health;
-USD 41,200 donation to Tay Ninh province of SO-111W surgical microscope, ophthalmic materials, medicines, instruments and intraocular lenses.

- AEC postgraduate seminars at the Choray Hospital, HCM City. The seminars are focused on two prominent blinding diseases and include lectures, workshops, group presentations, examination, certificate with MoH accreditation points.
The seminar will be joined by 20 - 30 MDs.
- AEC eye care support at Tay Ninh Provincial Hospital. AEC teams will provide in-clinic training including eye care and eye operations (cataract) in close collaboration with Vietnamese doctors and nurses. AEC will contribute with 200 cataract operations per mission.
- Donation ophthalmic materials and equipment. AEC will to upgrade in-clinic ophthalmic facilities by donation of ophthamic materials, medicines, surgical instruments and intraocular lenses. In 2010 AEC donated a portable SO-111W surgical microscope to the Choray Hospital for outreach eye care service.

Target Group:

1. Curable blind patients - men, women, and children - in Tay Ninh Province

2. Doctors and nurses to be trained at Tay Ninh Provincial Hospital, and during the
postgraduate seminars at Choray Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City

General: collaborative eye care development for prevention and treatment of blindness

- eye care and eye surgery at Tay Ninh Province
- ophthalmic training at Tay Ninh Provincial Hospital
- postgraduate training of provincial ophthalmologists at the Choray Hospital/Ministry of
Health, HCM City
- strengthening of eye care facilities at Tay Ninh Provincial Hospital with ophthalmic
equipment, medicines and materials.


  • Grand Total: 2,000 cataract operations, 3,100 OPD consults
  • USD 135,000: AEC donation equipment, materials, medicines
  • Support 6 Basic Eye Doctors and 6 Basic Eye Nurses
  • Two postgraduate ophthalmic seminars at HCM City
  • Hands-on training and support at 10 district hospitals

All AEC programs are focused on sustainability and meet the recommendations and guidelines of WHO/VISION 2020 and IAPB, i.e. eye care and disease control; human resource development and implementation of facilities and techniques.
- Collaborative eye care service and eye operations at Tay Ninh contributes to the reduction of backlog of curable blind men, women and children;
- AEC hands-on training and postgraduate seminars of Vietnamese doctors are essential in upgrading the skills and expertise in ophthalmology. In 2010 the Ministry of Health decided in 2010 to reward certified trainees with accreditation points.
- The sustainability of eye care service at Tay Ninh has been improved by various AEC donations such as a SO-111W portable operation micrsocope, surgical instruments and materials, medicines and intraocular lenses.

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Still needed: € 33,050
Total budget: € 59,350

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Amstelveen, Netherlands

Choray Hospital
Ho Chi Minh City , Viet Nam

Utrecht, Netherlands

Ho Chi Minh City , Viet Nam

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