Vocational training former streetchildren


Building and Equipment for vocational education carpentry and woodworking



Nearly 25.000 streetchildren are living in Kinshasa, DRCongo. The Psycho-Social Centre for the re-education of streetchildren in Kinkole is one of the rare facilities to offer shelter and education. There is need for a carpenter's workshop with equipment that is necessary to give vocational training in carpentry. The former streetchildren will be trained in order to be able to support themselves and become good citizans, useful for their families, and never be a streetchild ever more.


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  • 50 trainees


Africa, Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
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The Psycho-social Centre gives shelter, food, re-education to 100-110 streetchildren every year and since two years there is a complete school for primary education, which is also a benefit for the children of the neighborhood. A stone building with 4 classrooms has already been constructed and will serve for the lessons in theory. The staff of the Psycho-social Centre has developed this project in cooperation with schools for vocational training in Kinshasa. The branch "carpentry" will be the first one.

Current status

The DRCongo is a post-conflict country in central Africa. The state is very vulnarable, and there is still a great problem in security. Many households are broken. Nearly 25.000 streetchildren are living in the capital Kinshasa. The income per capita in a year is 140 USD (2010) ; e.g. 25% of what it was in 1975. Streetchildren (often accused of being witches) are seen as a great problem for the security of the citizans. The state is not giving any financial support to organisations like the FNPC who takes care of those children. Neither for their education or health.
Since 1998 the FNPC developped this project to re-educate streetchildren and give them a beter start in life with support from Dutch friends. One of the recent projects was: implementation of a Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) system with toilets and douches.

The construction of the workshop will give employment to several people and some of the children in the Centre will assist them in order to learn in a practical way. The neighbouring communities will also benefit in several ways: their children will be admitted also to the vocational training (there are no other schools in the neighbourhood for it). The people who are in need of products, such as tables, beds, chairs, will benefit on a large scale, for those products are not available in the neighbourhood.

S: start vocational training Carpentry for at least 50 children the first year
M: Getting the workshop ready - with machines and instruments in it
A: All things needed are available in Kinshasa and surroundings - space enough on the FNPC own properties.
R: Yes
T: 6 months after sending fundings the project is ready and the vocational training can start.


  • Construction building and practice area (A)
  • Purchase Machinery, Wood and Equipment
  • 2 specialist teachers for the first 3 months

After the start of the vocational trainings the products (tables, beds, chairs) will be sold and the money will be used for the needs of the Psycho-social Centre of the FNPC and the vocational training.

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Raised: € 15,000
Still needed: € 9,210
Total budget: € 24,210

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Kinshasa, Congo, The Democratic Republic of the

Gemeente Steenwijkerland
Steenwijk, Netherlands

Utrecht, Netherlands

PKN steenwijk
Steenwijk, Netherlands

Vrienden van Congo
Wilhelminaoord, Netherlands

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