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Effective blending of new forms of microcredits with grants in Business

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Area and Saccos selected contract phase

02-Feb-2012, by Oygen Mwalongo, , via web


SHIPO and WaterRight are developing contacts with existing micro credit institutes in rural Njombe.

The project can now also be monitored on the SHIPO site:



Raised: € 147,000

Fully funded

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Project partners

Aqua for All
Den Haag, Netherlands

Connect International
Leiden, Netherlands

Helder Water
Breda, Netherlands

Rotary Apeldoorn 't Loo
Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Njombe, Tanzania, United Republic of

Walking for Water 2011
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Driebergen-Rijsenburg , Netherlands

WvW 2011
Den Haag, Netherlands


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New Video showing the many aspects of this project. Published by @luukdiphoorn and made by @africa_interact. This project is support by: Aqua for All and Akvo through Walking for Water Rotary Apeldoorn 't Loo and Rotary Club Chestfield, Kent, HelderWater WaterRight
Scott King, 2011-11-29 21:08

Akvo Ref: 268
IATI ID: NL-1-PPR-19884