Water for poor neighborhoods: Villa Ocampo


Potable water system for social inclusion



The cooperative seeks to extend its water supply network to provide potable water services to 300 impoverished families in the town of Villa Ocampo, benefiting nearly 1000 people. At the same time, seeks to train these citizens as cooperative members, to empower them socially.


Who will benefit?


  • 230 trainees


  • 1 water systems
  • 1000 people affected
  • 15 years duration


South America, Argentina
Villa Ocampo
-28.495134, -59.371533

Project in depth

Focus area

Water and sanitation Categories: Maintenance, Training, Water

Detailed information

Villa Ocampo is a centennial city, characterized by agricultural and livestock production. It has 22,000 inhabitants.

Groundwater contamination from the presence of tanneries in the area is an environmental problem of this town. There is also an increase in crime in the city.

In the neighborhoods at the outskirts of the city, live poor, non immigrants newly-established families; their expansion was not initially planned by the Municipality. Currently they are covered by the land-use municipal planning, and families hold a tittle of their land, recognized by the Government. The work of expansion of potable water has the legal approval of the Municipality.

Current status

The cooperative currently serves 85% of families at Villa Ocampo Area.
This project is to increase coverage to two neighborhoods which are not covered by the water supply system. Currently, their residents get their water provisions from 2 pumps of municipal property, located at the entrances of these neighborhoods, where they fill buckets with water and carry them to their houses.
With 25 years of experience in providing potable water service, the Cotel Cooperative is prepared and ready to extend its network as soon as it
has the funding.
It has a crew of 5 employees that on 90 days will perform the technical tasks, which include:
a. Opening the ditch
b. Placement of PVC pipe
c. Individual house connections
d. Placement of household water meters
e. Service provision

3 months

50 mm PVC pipes and rubber rings
Full household connections with meter box and water meter on for each house.

A crew of 5 persons

The Cooperative Cotelvo look to extend their service delivery, providing drinking water to 300 families - living in outlying areas of the city- in a sustainable way. While, will train in cooperative education, a necessary tool to empower these families. This will increase their social integration, enjoying of additional benefits given its new status as partners in the cooperative. Finally, Cotelvo will maintain properly the operational infrastructure and the quality of services for them.


  • Going from 85% to 97% water coverage in Villa Ocampo
  • 300 families with new access to safe drinking water
  • 20% increase of associates at Cotelvo Cooperative
  • 230 people trained in cooperativism
  • 1500 meters of new pipes added to the water supply network

* The cooperative has a scheme of financial sustainability for this project which consists on charging to the new connected families a monthly service fee, depending on consumption, indicated by the water meter installed on each house.

* Families are categorized according to their income level. The Cooperative assigns a "social rate", more accessible and affordable (30% cheaper), to the lowest income level category.

* The rate of payment in the cooperative is currently 95%, with delays in the collection that are solved in a maximum period of 60 days.

* Families from the lowest income category are not required to pay an "entrance fee" to the system, charged to the rest of families.

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Needs funding


Raised: € 6,880
Still needed: € 16,050
Total budget: € 22,930

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Project partners

Fernando de la Mora, Paraguay

Cotelvo Limitada (Ltda)
Villa Ocampo, Argentina

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