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Rifka Annisa, which means "Women's Friend" is a Non Governmental Organization established in August 26, 1993. Previously Rifka Annisa was well known as Rifka Annisa Women’s Crisis Center. From 20 May 2005 Rifka Annisa became an association.

This organization was established through the courage of several women
activist in Jogjakarta Indonesia, among others, Suwarni Angesti Rahayu, Sri Kusyuniati, Latifah Iskandar, Sitoresmi, and Desti Murdijana. These women activists wanted to provide support for women survivors of violence.

The idea to establish this organization emerged from a deep concern about the tendencies of patriarchal culture, which empowers men and weakens the position of women. As the result, women are becoming more and more vulnerable to abuse such as rape, sexual harassment, domestic violence, and so on.

Many women survivors of violence have come to Rifka Annisa since the beginning of their establishment.

In addition to providing services for women survivorS of violence (women’s crisis center), Rifka Annisa has recently also become a center for human resource development in the elimination of violence against women in Indonesia

To struggle for the existence of a gender just society that does not tolerate violence against women, through the principles of social justice, awareness and care, independence, integrity, and maintaining local wisdoms.

To organize women (in particular) and community (in general) to eliminate violence against women, and creating a gender just society through the empowerment of abused women, including children, the elderly, and diffables; to increase community’s awareness and participation through critical education, and strengthening the network.

• Provide counseling service to the women and children survivor of violence
• Organize people in the community in order to be able to handle violence against women cases in their own community.
• Conduct a strategic movement to achieve a significant change in some policies whether at national level or provincial level.
• Strengthening a network with other service providers for women and children victims of violence and also with people in organizations.
• Strengthening internal and external capacity
• Economic empowering for survivor.

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