Building the Ethiopian WASH Alliance

The WASH alliance joint activities in 2012, Ethiopia

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Status Active
Planned Start Date March 26, 2012
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Project Plan 1. Exchange visits on indentified thematic areas (Multiple Uses of Water Services, rain water harvesting, etc) that enhance the experience sharing among partners 2. Training to partners staffs mainly on monitoring & evaluation, budget trucking, FIETS strategy and knowledge management 3. Learning workshop on sanitation financing & budget trucking 4. Launching of the alliance that ensures the existence and increase the visibility of the program in Ehtiopia 5. Conduct different meeting on planning, reporting and harmonization that enhance the alliance building and increase cooperation among partners which are working on program approach 6. Work with different stakeholders that are working in the sectors to work in harmony 7. Monitoring and evaluation of the program implementation in the country.
Goals Overview A stable, complementary, effective and accountable alliance (in North and South), in which participating actors will feel ownership, share knowledge and coordinate work towards sustainable integration of WASH into policies, strategies and programmes, in order to increase the access to and use of WASH facilities.
Target Group
Summary of Project Plan The project aims to build the alliance of Ethiopia WASH Partners that is working as a program approach. The project composed of carrying out different alliance building activities known as joint activities. These activities are aimed at building the bondage of partners that enhance the learning and sharing.
Situation at start of project The alliance building process has started since the start up of the program development. Currently, it involves partners: AMREF (Ethiopia), HCS-RiPPLE, HOAREC, WaterAid, MetaMeta and AFD. There was a joint plan developed for individual partners and the whole alliance for 2011 and the detail preparation of plan for 2012 is nearly to be finished. The alliance carried internal harmonization meeting which went very well that resulted in mainly in indentifying the areas of syneries, gaps and overlaps for 2012. The detail plan preparation for the whole five year (2011-2015) is also on going that is expected to be finished soon.
Sustainability The joint activities are cross cutting ones in nature accross the program that increase the sense of working together in cooperation among implementing partners and increase ownership of the program in side the country. Working in such kind of climate inreases the sense of working together as partners practically experience of working in partnership. The challeng that might face is that working in partnership is not an easy task especially at initial stage. As the program implementaiton goes on and working in cooperation is improved, partners realize the real benefits of working together as the some of parts is greater than the whole in the case of working in such kind of model.
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Latitude Longitude Country Reference Description City State Address 1 Address 2 Postal code Reach Exactness Class Designation
9.022736 38.746799 Ethiopia Addis Ababa


Sector Code Percentage Vocabulary
140 - Water And Sanitation 140 2 - OECD DAC CRS Purpose Codes (3 digit)
14030 - Basic Drinking Water Supply And Basic Sanitation 14030 1 - OECD DAC CRS Purpose Codes (5 digit)
14081 - Education And Training In Water Supply And Sanitation 14081 1 - OECD DAC CRS Purpose Codes (5 digit)

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Meetings and Visits 11137.00
Workshops 2005.00
Launching EWA 8239.00
Equipment 2750.00
Training 5415.00

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Result Type Aggregation Status Description
Launching of the alliance
2 exchange visits involves a max of 18 participants
12 alliance staffs trained on budget trucking methodology
3 meetings (harmonization, planning & reporting) carried out
1 learning workshop conducted

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Name Simavi
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Name Simavi
IATI ID NL-KVK-40594571
Type National NGO
Role Reporting organisation
Name Ethiopia WASH Alliance
Type National NGO
Role Funding partner, Implementing partner
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RSR Funding Amount 29546.00
Name Dutch WASH Alliance
Type National NGO
Role Sponsor partner
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